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Q: If I face any issue with the property after moving in, would Letsoh Life help me?

Ans: If you face any issue within the first 30 days of moving to the accommodation, you can inform our team. We will get in touch with the property operator and try to get the issue resolved in the best possible manner. We recommend that ideally you first get in touch with the property operator and if the issue is still unresolved or you are unsatisfied with the resolution, you can get in touch with us by:

  • Calling at our ‘Helpline Number’ on regular working hours, i.e. 10AM to 6PM from Monday to Friday, OR
  • Writing to us at and our team will get in touch with you within 48 working hours

While we do not guarantee issue resolution in 100% of cases, since we have a deeper relationship with property operators, we can help you with a satisfactory resolution in the majority of cases.


Q: What kind of properties do you list or recommend?

Ans: We ensure that all properties listed on our platform are of high quality and offer a conducive environment for students like you. For any property to be eligible for listing on Letsoh Life, it must have the following features and amenities:

  • High speed WiFi
  • Security, i.e., it should at least have CCTV cameras on its premise, or a security guard, or biometric access
  • Housekeeping
  • Power Backup
  • Furnished rooms with bed, mattress, study table, chairs, and wardrobe
  • 24*7 Drinking Water
  • Food (either included in rent or available at extra charge)


Q: Do you charge any fees or brokerage in case we take up accommodation in your recommended property?

Ans: We will not charge any brokerage or fees from you. Our recommendations and services are available free of cost to students. In case you are wondering how we are able to offer this, we charge a service fee to our accommodation partners for listing and marketing their properties.


Q: What happens if we find a better price than what’s offered on Letsoh Life?

Ans: At Letsoh Life, we offer you the best price available for accommodation. However, in a rare case that you are able to find a better price on any other online portal or through any other organized offline channel, not only we will match that price but also offer you an attractive voucher worth INR 500. In order to avail the ‘Best Price Guarantee’, please note the following:

  • In the rental market, prices often vary based on supply & demand. Hence, the price offered by us to you will be comparable only to the offer price received by you on the same date
  • In case you find a better price on an online platform, please send the URL of the webpage along with the screenshot of the page (it should clearly capture the price along with date & time) to Additionally, share the URL of the same
  • In case you find the better price through an organized offline channel, please share the screenshot of the email or the SMS with us at                      


Q: In case I don’t like the accommodation after moving in, can I change it?

Ans: While we work really hard to recommend only the right best properties to you, we understand there could be factors because of which you might want to consider changing your choice after moving-in.

If a property is eligible for ‘7-day Lookup Period’ offer (for each property you can find this on its detail page) AND if you have paid the first rent installment directly to us, you can send us a request to change your accommodation by writing at within 7 days of moving-in to the property.

You can then choose any of our alternate partner accommodation. In this case, you will only need to pay the rent for the duration for which you have stayed at the original property, subject to a minimum 7 days rent. Your remaining rent and security amount will be adjusted in the rent & security amount of the new partner property selected by you.

In case you do not find any alternate accommodation matching your requirement on our portal, we will refund the amount paid by you after deducting a convenience fees of INR 2,500 + GST.

‘7-day Lookup Period’ offer can be availed only once by a student. 

However, if the accommodation is not eligible for ‘7-day Lookup Period’ OR if you have made the rent payment directly to the operator, in that case this offer will not be applicable. In this scenario, regular terms of lock-in and payment as mandated by the property operator will be applicable.


Q: How much is the booking amount?

Ans: The booking amount could vary for each accommodation, but typically it's 15 days rent. 


Q: Is the booking amount refundable? 

Ans: This is one of the key benefits of booking through us. If you have paid the booking amount directly to us, you will be eligible for refund as per the below terms:

  • If you cancel the booking 15 days prior to the agreed move-in date:
  • If you move to another Letsoh Life partner property, your entire booking amount will be adjusted in your new booking. However, you will need to pay the differential booking amount, if any, for the new property. 
  • If you do NOT move into a Letsoh Life partner property, we will deduct INR 1,000 + GST and refund the remaining amount to you.
  • If you cancel the booking within 15 days of the agreed move-in date:
  • If you move to another Letsoh Life partner property, we will deduct INR 2,000 + GST. The remaining booking amount will be adjusted in your new booking. However, you will need to pay the differential booking amount, if any, for the new property.
  • If do NOT move into a Letsoh Life partner property, the entire booking amount will be forfeited.

However, if you have paid the booking amount directly to the property operator, the refund policy will be applicable as per the operator’s terms and conditions.


Q: Is the rent agreement signed with Letsoh Life or the landlord? 

Ans: The rent agreement will be signed by the student directly with the landlord. The terms and conditions of a rent agreement are determined by the landlord and could vary for each property. 


Q: What is the security deposit amount?

Ans: Security deposit amount is the amount paid by a tenant to the landlord in addition to their advance rent payments. The security deposit amount acts as an insurance for the landlord against any property damage or contract violation by the tenant.

Typically, the security deposit amount is 1 or 2 months rent. However, it can vary for each property and is mentioned on each property detail page. 


Q: What is the notice period duration?

Ans:Typically, the notice period for a tenant is 1 to 2 months. However, it can vary for each property and is mentioned on each property detail page.


Q: What do you mean by ‘Lock-in Period’ and ‘Contract Tenure’?

Ans: ‘Lock-in Period’ is the minimum duration for which a tenant must reside in the rental property. In case the tenant decides to leave the property within the  lock-in duration, he/she will have to forfeit the security deposit and advance rent paid, if any. 

‘Contract Tenure’ is the duration for which the rent agreement is signed between the tenant and the landlord. After the lapse of contract tenure, if both parties want to continue the tenancy relationship, the rent agreement must be renewed. The rent and other terms might change during the contract renewal. 


Q: Can I choose my room or my roommate?

Ans: The room or roommate allocation is usually at the discretion of the landlord. However, you can always share your preference with the landlord / property operator. In our experience, they are usually very accommodating and often go out of their way to meet your preference. 


Q: I have a friend or group of friends who are also looking for accommodation. Do you have any referral scheme?

Ans: We love referrals! So, if you refer any friend to us and s/he books a bed through us in any of our partner properties, we would reward you with an attractive  gift voucher worth INR 1,000 per referral. 

To refer a friend, just send us an email at from your registered email ID, with details of your friend and his preferred location or property.  

Please note that you will be eligible for the referral award only when both you and your friend complete 7 days of stay in our partner properties without availing 7-day lookup period offer.